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Hand Sanitizer Aloe and E- 2 oz Spray

Hand Sanitizer Aloe and E- 2 oz Spray

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Banish bacteria and germs with our nontoxic hand sanitizer! Washing with soap and hot water is  the best method to keep your hands clean, but when you're out and about, keep a bottle of our sanitizer in your car, purse or backpack.   

Ethanol is the primary ingredient with organic aloe vera and vitamin E oil to soften and moisturize your skin.This is as effective as commercial brand sanitizers but without the sticky feeling  and much friendlier to your skin.

Travel size spray bottle.

The CDC recommends an alcohol content of 60%. Ours has 65%.

Vegan friendly!

2.0 ounces

Your bottle is refillable. Save it for future use!